The Future Of Computing – Quantums, Qubits and More

The Future of Computing

Quantum computers (also known as supercomputers) draw in major interest because of the sheer potential of the disruptive technology, its exceptional computational power and the number of years and expertise spent in research. 2019 seems to be the year when experts will acquire additional resources and faculties to further their aspirations of building the first fully-functional quantum computer. Although still an emerging technology, IBM is already offering cloud-based quantum computing services and unveiled its new commercially available quantum computer at CES 2019 which was referred to as one of the four most ”wow worthy” announcements. The race to build the next generation of supercomputers continues among Google, IBM and a bunch of startups – speeding up the progress towards the goal of becoming a mainstream reality.

We created an infographic that provides an overview of the basics of Quantum Computing and what makes this cutting-edge technology different than traditional computing.

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Potential Applications of Quantum Computing

  • Healthcare and Chemistry: Discovery of new medicines and materials by undoing the complexity of molecular and chemical interactions
  • Internet: Improved speed and security
  • Artificial Intelligence: In cases of large data sets (searching images or video), quantum computing will make elements of AI such as machine learning much more powerful.
  • Finance: New ways to model financial data and isolation of key global risk factors for improved investment decisions
  • Supply Chain and Logistics: Optimization of logistics and global supply chain functions for increased efficiency
  • Computer Science: Unraveling of the unsolvable common and famous problems in computer science

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