Alera Group

Client: Alera Group is United States 7th largest privately held employee benefits firm that provides services for financial planning, retirement planning, investment advice, personal insurance, estate planning and brokerage services. Alera Group has demonstrable expertise in multiple domain sectors including healthcare technology, veterinary, municipals and private equity.

Challenge: Alera Group’s Coverage GPS program provides a unique one-page snapshot to easily identify the in-force insurance coverage, gaps and areas that require improvement. This analysis is a critical step toward reducing costs and improving coverage. However, creating these Coverage GPS placemats is based on challenging manual, time consuming processes such as non-standardization of charts using complex, high resolution graphic tools and hand-drawn graphics.

Alera Group identified an opportunity to partner with an experienced team that could understand their business drivers and end user needs to develop an improved platform. Being a custom software development company provider, innovation and reliability are paramount to Strategic Systems International. Our partnership with Alera Group helped the client reach its primary goals related to Coverage GPS.

Solution: Our project team including business analysts, engineers and designers performed a thorough analysis of the existing system and designed an innovative system to automate the complete process. The team created a web application using latest technologies to deliver the following features;

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Widget based user flows
  • Dynamic chart creation
  • User/Data management
  • High resolution PDF generation
  • Multiple options to customize the data/graphs/bars
  • Single Sign-on with Azure Active Directory

Results: The newly created platform greatly enhances the overall process and helps the team orgainze GPS placemats more effectively. It has also been proven effective in solving discrepancies in previous system and decreasing the time required to generate high resolution PDFs.

Tools and Technologies: