Client: Beepreciated is a Chicago-based branding agency for promotional products and corporate gifts. They work with corporations to improve their branding efforts and employee recognition efforts through merchandising.

Challenge: Beepreciated was seeking to automate the process of purchasing and customizing products through a social purchasing platform. The idea was to introduce powerful tools to the platform to efficiently manage different stages of buyer’s journey along with customization option for all the available products. A controlled Admin Panel interface was required so each brand’s campaign could be customized with a different layout.

Solution: SSI’s engineers devised a strategy to create a fully functional platform where the brands can easily add and customize/adjust products based on their buyer’s persona. Three innovative features introduced to the platform were:

  • Buying Power: Users can easily access discounted pricing from multiple suppliers in one marketplace.
  • Control: The platform provides brands with a controlled environment to engage and empowers their customers; granting them freedom to create custom merchandise using brand-approved logos and designs.
  • Visibility: Admin can easily create a custom catalog, classify expenses, and approve orders for the users. Based on buying the history of particular users, admin can later notify them with the product of similar specification hence improving visibility into customers’ interest.

Additionally, the platform also serves as a SaaS solution for Beepreciated’s clients, through which they can manage and sell the product to their own clientele and employees.

Result: With introducing a smart social purchasing platform, Beepreciated was able to evolve into a tech-enabled business providing a highly differentiated and efficient service offering to its clients. The power of social buying has been an instant success for its clients as they immediately see gains from group purchases. It has also allowed Beepreciated to automate its own operations and become agile.

Tools & Technologies: