Client: Benzinga is a Michigan - based innovative and disruptive financial news and analysis firm that aims to empower investors with interactive products, and unique and high-quality content that is coveted by Wall Street's top traders. Benzinga is a full-service, one-stop shop that offers actionable ideas and insights to investors, improving their investing and trading results.

Challenge: A large infrastructure of micro-services enables Benzinga’s content pipeline. This micro-services architecture presents a number of critical challenges regarding high-performance data delivery mechanism, and responsive, intuitive and state-of-the-art user interfaces. Benzinga needed to rethink ways to enhance its existing architecture and platforms for UI and content pipeline optimization. SSI was signed based on our comprehensive portfolio of delivering precision-targeted solutions to the financial industry within designated timelines.

Solution: Experts at SSI supported the on-shore team to achieve robustness, scalability, and intuitiveness of the platform and made significant enhancements to the user interface. The team further upgraded the internal CMS platform for Newsdesk on latest technologies with sound architecture as a foundation. In this multi-year engagement, our engineers were able to deliver the following features within a designated timeline;

  • Optimized content management
  • Data quality measures
  • Financial calendars data management
  • An intuitive and robust user interface

Incorporating these features led to improved platform performance, work efficiency and operational cost reductions.

Results: The updated newsdesk platform provides a methodical way for financial data analysts to maintain the necessary financial information. It solved the long-standing critical issues and optimized the whole process. This results in a highly productive infrastructure where financial news stories get to users in almost real-time and contribute to extended user-base/revenues.

Tools and Technologies:  ReactJS, TypeScript, Go, Python, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, AWS EKS, Terraform