Client: Ideawake is a Wisconsin-based innovation management firm that provides a platform to capture and organize the collective intelligence of employees and customers. Ideawake enables its clients to collect, evaluate, refine and implement the best ideas from the workforce which accelerates innovation and empowers employees.

Challenge: As Ideawake’s clientele grew, there was a pressing need to plan, develop, scale and improve product quality and processes responsible for delivering a high quality solution, all while shipping new features. Ideawake required a skilled team of engineers and a shared way of working to ensure consistent, efficient and fast-paced design and development. Strategic Systems International (SSI) was contracted based on our extensive experience in delivering market - leading technology solutions.

Solution: Engineers at SSI performed a detailed baseline examination of client’s existing system considering the short-term and long-term product goals. Initially, the team set up unit testing followed by formulating plans to refactor the code-base. With constantly changing and evolving requirements, our team succeeded in developing and delivering new features efficiently with consistency in maturing the plan for the next big step in product development.

We significantly improved the project management processes that helped the client with faster deliveries, better tracking, and general increase in quality.

Some of the most fundamental features delivered were as follows:

  • SSO integration (ADFS, Okta, Azure) – this helped quickly onboard a few customers that were waiting on this functionality.
  • Internationalization – this helped Ideawake to expand across the globe e.g. incorporating French and Arabic to the platform helped secure customers in Canada and Oman respectively.
  • One of the biggest and highly demanded functionalities was the ability to perform bulk operations, with vast improvements on more granular progress tracking for the users.
  • A lot of smaller and relatively bigger features aimed towards significantly improving user experience and user engagement, based on client feedback and trends shown by collected usage data.

Result: Ideawake’s growth has been very encouraging. The number of clients has increased more than three times, and periodic recurring revenue has also tripled. SSI team for Ideawake is also expanding.