Jump Ramp Games

Client: Jump Ramp Games is one of the fastest growing mobile-first companies in New York. Jump Ramp is a leader in delivering innovative promotions, rewards and instant winning experiences through free mobile casual gaming with 24 million+ user base. It allows companies to run ads and campaigns for their product and users to play fun games e.g. scratch cards and rewards them with tokens and cash prizes.

Challenges: Facing challenges with the existing monolithic code base and difficulty with error handling led the client to refocus and re-evaluate the complete strategy and process. The PHP version in which the current stack was written was outdated and required complete upgrade. Their teams were constantly getting error emails on a regular basis, and there was no proper way to schedule events and have smart fallbacks around it. AWS resources were not being utilized properly, thus resulting into overbilling.

With the right strategic partner, Jump Ramp Games could be much more proactive in improving the code base and effectively manage processes within the company.  Strategic Systems International was able to scale up to Jump Ramp Games’ needs and address the problems.

Solution: Jump Ramp Games engaged SSI to develop a solution that targets improvements in technology stack and work processes utilizing modern Java microservices while refactoring the complete code base. A considerable reduction in failures over the weekends and in API response time was observed. The client reported overall less errors and warnings and improvements in intracompany working and collaboration. The dedicated team further optimized AWS infrastructure to reduce costs and automated complete processes and deployments.