Client: KSR is a leading independent provider of workshop software in Europe. KSR Solutions cover the complete vehicle maintenance life cycle from order taking, vehicle collection, replacement, costing, procurement, workshop planning and monitoring to quality assurance and delivery.

Challenge: KSR’s flagship product is VCS, which is a system for automotive paint and body specialist companies and repair shops. KSR partnered with SSI to simplify and improve the UI of VCS as it was quite outdated and the data entry/display screens were cluttered. The other objective was to increase the UX of the product. Another challenge that KSR faced was a need of user dashboard through which KSR clients could analyze and monitor their processes and orders in queue.

Solution: SSI focused on improving the user experience by redesigning the data screens for VCS using WPF. User Interface was enhanced while SSI created a complete dashboard of data analytics which tremendously improved data analysis for users. SSI also developed a new dashboard for KSR using WPF. There were mainly two dashboards, one to analyze Revenue Generation and other for Organizational purposes through which KSR’s clients monitor their day-to-day processes and plan workforce for the orders in queue. Dashboards helped them to organize their projects in an efficient manner.

Result: The result was a modern and intuitive interface which increased user interaction and allowed our client to increase its client base.

Tools and Technologies: