Advanced Energy

Client: Advanced Energy is a global leader in power and control technologies for the manufacture of semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage products, solar cells and architectural glass. Their product portfolio includes power systems, gas and liquid flow-management systems, and thermal measuring instruments.

Challenge: Industry 4.0 is the latest standard in manufacturing enabling automation and data exchange from machinery; it stands at the cross-section of Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Big Data & Analytics. As an innovative manufacturing entity, Advanced Energy contacted SSI to initiate the process for Industry 4.0 readiness by creating a server-based and cloud-based application which would collect and analyze data from various tools (power, temperature, and current switches).

Solution: Engineers at SSI configured a “local box” which is a single-board computer to add Industry 4.0 data aggregation, analytics and predictive maintenance capabilities to the system. Two types of sensors were used to collect the data

  • Temperature measuring PyroSensor
  • Power controlling Thyro sensor

Data from Advanced Energy tools is collected via standard communication protocol which can then be accessed via an analytics dashboard. The analytics dashboard and predictive models power predictive maintenance for end-users.

Result: With the help of this application Advanced Energy was able to showcase their Industry 4.0 readiness. The advanced analytics dashboard helps its end users to lower operating costs and improve efficiency by reducing any downtime due to machine failure. The data is now easily accessible as it can be viewed any time anywhere and on any device.

Tools & Technologies: