Mortgage Hippo

Client: Mortgage Hippo is a fast growing Tech firm that offers point-of-sale solutions to the mortgage industry. The Mortgage Hippo team designed and developed a consumer-focused digital mortgage product that provides an end-to-end solution to simplify home-buying process between the borrowers and lenders. The product works as a match-making platform for top lenders, mortgage brokers and loan officers in the United States.

Challenge: A fast growing client base and need for many industry third party system integrations required Mortgage Hippo to expand their engineering and delivery capabilities. The company decided to seek an experienced product development and integration partner with experience working in the financial services industry and ability to pass several industry audits related to data protection. Additionally, Mortgage Hippo required a partner with deep experience in developing Amazon Web Services (AWS) based applications, data warehousing, and advanced analytics expertise. Strategic Systems International (SSI) was chosen based on its extensive experience helping scale fast growth tech companies in the financial industries and ability to meet industry compliance.

Solution: SSI collaborated with Mortgage Hippo by establishing an engineering team with the right mix of skills and experience to deliver various services including enhancement of the product, verification and automation of accounts/assets in the digital lending process, and integration of the platform with third-party applications for various workflows etc. As a technology partner, Strategic Systems International addressed numerous challenges for the client. Certain adjustments were made to AWS production environment and a data warehouse was developed for analytical reports and dashboards.

The AWS services used to adjust the production environment include Amazon EC2Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Elastic Load Balancing ServiceAmazon S3, and Amazon Route 53 etc. This is an ongoing engagement with continued product enhancements and joint planning of product roadmaps.

Results: Mortgage Hippo has been able to secure its continued client growth through product enhancements and integrations. The company has recently raised a successful Seed round for expansion as it continues to deliver results and stands out as an innovative player in its space.