Stadtwerke Heidelberg (SWH)

Client: Stadwerke Heidelberg is one of the largest companies in Heidelberg, Germany. SWH provides customers in Heidelberg and surrounding region with reliable electricity, gas, heat and other services related to energy savings and climate protection.

Challenge: SWH had a SAP based application that collected data from energy meters which was used for billing purposes for their end-user clients as well as their partners who dealt with similar energy projects. The client needed a dynamic and highly visual data analytics dashboard for analysis and reporting purposes.

Solution: SSI developed a web based application that would interface with SAP and feed the data to the dashboard. Through this web application, reports were generated in different formats e.g. charts and graphs, depending on the needs of their customers and business partners. With the help of this data analytics web application, clients can easily access any data related to energy consumption in form of reports.

Results: By adding a valuable feature and functionality set to their product, SWH improved end-customer satisfaction and user experience.

Tools and Technologies: